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Originally Posted by charming_essa (View Post)
Thank you Amy.

I remember the major plot points of most of the storylines, but not enough details to join in the discussions right now anyway. Even reading all of what you wrote, there is so much of this that I just don't remember. It's nothing against Switched at Birth though. I tend to have a poor memory for shows/books/movies in general unless it is something I've become obsessive over, which happens ocassionally.

I'll be able to discuss current episodes though since they'll be fresh in my mind.
You're welcome, Essa!

I understand what you mean. Switched at Birth is one of those shows I became obsessive over, from the very beginning. So I am happy to help anyone, if they have a question or need a refresher. It's my passion. Since the moment I found Switched at Birth, I have instinctively felt that it holds the key to a great mystery in my life. I have
continuously pored over every detail.

It's only happened a few times in my life.

When I was 11 years old, I felt the same way about the movie Grease. Danny & Sandy's love mesmerized me.

Then, when I was a teenager, I felt similarly about the TV series Starsky & Hutch. I sensed this depth to their friendship, and I wanted to understand it.

As a young adult, I experienced it again with the TV series thirtysomething. It drew me in both because of the depth of the characters' friendships and also because of the depth of one of the marriages, which was especially interesting, because the other marriage on the show was missing that depth, and I wondered if the possibility to develop it still existed. Also, I was drawn to Lily & Holden's relationship on As The World Turns.

Later, Six Feet Under captivated me. For this series, I did not sense that it was any one character or relationship that held the key to a mystery in my life. Instead, it was watching all of the characters trying to hold onto life itself. That was the key, and I did come closer to understanding the secrets behind this mystery in my life from watching Six Feet Under. I'll always be grateful for that.

You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone.

In this 22 second clip, those words are uttered by the spirit of Claire's older brother, who has recently died of an aneurysm, as she says goodbye to her family to venture to the east coast.

If you stick around for the next video that plays after that short one, you will see the end to the entire TV series. It's the best few minutes of television I have ever watched, but it's meaning is deepened by watching a few years of these characters' lives first.

Originally Posted by girl under the floor (View Post)
Oh my gosh Amy, thanks for that extensive list (including explanations! )

I look forward to discussing the new episodes with you too Essa!
You're welcome, Paula! It was fun to review it all in my mind, too. I love being reminded of some of the parallels in this TV series, and I only scratched the surface of them with this list. For instance, Emmett kissed Bay when he first discovered she had a new boyfriend (Noah), and Bay kissed Emmett, when she learned he had a new girlfriend (Mandy). I love parallels like that, and Switched at Birth is filled with hundreds of them.

Originally Posted by Scribbled Pretty (View Post)
Aww this is so strange because not long ago I was apologizing to my mom for being such a little brat to her when I started 7th grade (I was struggling with anxiety and depression) but my mom was my only friend through all of it. Anytime I wanted to go home because I was bawling in class and had no idea why, my dad wanted to toughen me up and tell me to stick it out but my mom knew that I wasn't the kind of child who misses school or tries to miss school on purpose so she knew to take me home every time. She took me to therapy, and took my crappy teenage angst so well to this day I still apologize to her at times.
Erin, my mom was the same way. Having someone who understands and knows the real you like that is the most valuable gift in the world.
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