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Those scenes brought back my own memories of verbally attacking my mom, when I was a teenager, all because she is the one human being I trust most in the world, and therefore, the only one with whom I felt safe sharing all of my ugly feelings. Poor moms of the world!
Aww this is so strange because not long ago I was apologizing to my mom for being such a little brat to her when I started 7th grade (I was struggling with anxiety and depression) but my mom was my only friend through all of it. Anytime I wanted to go home because I was bawling in class and had no idea why, my dad wanted to toughen me up and tell me to stick it out but my mom knew that I wasn't the kind of child who misses school or tries to miss school on purpose so she knew to take me home every time. She took me to therapy, and took my crappy teenage angst so well to this day I still apologize to her at times.
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