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Originally Posted by girl under the floor (View Post)
Ah sorry, I meant copying that recap into this thread though, in case more people had thoughts on it
So that it didn't get lost on the end of the other one
Here it is, in case anyone is curious:

I'll try to take a stab at "previously on Switched at Birth."

In Season 4A, Bay took the fall for Daphne's crimes, and Emmett goes off to USC without her. Bay struggles at community service, Emmett struggles fitting in at USC, and Daphne struggles with premed courses at UMKC.

Emmett returns home to surprise Bay, as she is released from her house arrest. Their relationship is strained, because Bay feels insecure over Emmett's newfound happiness. After their fight, Emmett returns to USC, and Bay goes to a party in Daphne's dorm, where she chooses to get drunk with her ex-boyfriend Tank. They have drunken sex, and the college launches a Title IX investigation.

Daphne tries to enjoy her sexual relationship with playboy Mingo, amidst all of her friends' disapproval. Regina begins a working relationship with Eric at The Cracked Mug. It quickly turns sexual. Regina becomes a surrogate mother to Eric's son, Will. Kathryn's movie deal falls through, so she decides to write a musical with Toby's help. Toby's relationship with Lily struggles mightily, because she has feelings for a co-worker.

John cannot find a new direction after the demise of his political career, so he decides to become a personal coach for Travis, and he eventually joins the UMKC baseball team as their assistant coach.

In Season 4B, Bay grieves the loss of her relationship with Emmett. Travis becomes Bay's new best friend, as they have both broken up with their partners and grown apart from Emmett.

Daphne and Mingo continue their sexcapades, while Daphne longs to make a difference in the world, right now, rather than in the future.

Kathryn & John have financial problems and take steps to solve them, including selling all of their car washes. Regina discovers Eric is a fugitive, wanted for kidnapping his son Will. She chooses to hide his secret. Toby discovers Lilly is pregnant, and the baby has Down syndrome. Emmett begins a relationship with Skye.

When Bay discovers that Emmett has moved on so quickly, she embarks on a sexual relationship with Garrett, but she doesn't feel an emotional connection with him, as she had hoped. Bay runs into Tank and learns that his life has been destroyed by the publicity surrounding his Title IX expulsion. Regina tells Bay that it is not her job to fix what is broken in Tank's life.

Bay discovers several secrets that Regina and Daphne had been keeping from her. She also discovers Toby & Lily are planning to move to London. Bay exposes Regina's secret about Eric, and he flees with his son. Regina misses Bay's art show, but Bay discovers that Travis arranged the whole thing any way. Travis tells Bay that he loves her. Emmett tells Bay that she will be a famous artist one day.

Mingo tells Daphne to go scratch her adventure itch now. She decides to visit China, even though her internship fell through. Bay decides to go with Daphne to China, since she doesn't know how she feels about Travis's declaration and has no other plans at the moment.

That's about it, for Season 4. I didn't love any of it, in the way that I have loved previous seasons. But I did like all of it, except the scene where Emmett tells Bay she will be a famous artist one day. The writing of that scene seemed insincere and cliche. Watching it felt like fingernails on a chalkboard. I did like the part where Bay tells Emmett that she is proud of everything he is doing out there. That moment felt real. But the rest of it turned my stomach.

I believe that might have been the writer's goal with that scene though. I believe the writer now wants fans to hate Bay & Emmett as a couple, so she has made Emmett as insincere and cliche as she could possibly make him. It doesn't make sense, considering that relationship is the bread and butter of her TV series. But there it is.
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