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Originally Posted by girl under the floor (View Post)
Wow Amy thanks for that recap!

You should repost it in a new thread
I guess I could. Or are you joking?

What should we call it, if we do.

Originally Posted by charming_essa (View Post)
That was a great recap, thanks! There were several things in there I had completely forgotten about! Now I feel ready to watch the show.
Aw, thanks! That makes me feel great.

I feel more ready to watch the new season now, too! It's easy to forget things after a year and a half, so it was good for me to take a walk down memory lane.

For the last season, no story line has gone the way I wanted it to go. That's sad.

Usually, with most TV series, I either love where the story goes, or it's like a roller coaster, with ups and downs. Season 4 of Switched at Birth turned out to be unsatisfying. I thought the writers might turn it around and expose some deep truth, in the end, but they didn't.

I dislike that Bay and Daphne are so close, now. I always wanted that. But since Bay took the fall for Daphne, their relationship feels insincere. Bay sacrificed too much for everything to be so good between them. It doesn't feel authentic yet.

Bay and Emmett's breakup does feel honest, but it wasn't how I wanted the story to go. There's little joy in the authenticity.

And I have lost my ability to connect with Regina's love life, John & Kathryn's marriage, and Toby & Lily's baby drama.

I hope Season 5 fixes my disconnect!
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