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Originally Posted by Against_all_odds (View Post)
Hey,I need someone to talk about this show to. It used to be so good and then everyone dropped off this board like flies.

I think after they killed Denise,people stopped caring. She was the best and getting rid of her wasn't smart. The chaos of the show is also it's weak spot. AHS is so organized and manages to be a lot more effective. Being organized won't make it less funny.

I will cry for poor Cassidy. He didn't think he'd fall for #3-She'd just be some girl he had sex with. His ridiculous thing about thinking he's a ghost was as dumb as her thing about earmuffs.
It has definitely been a fun show, and this board has meant a lot to me. I'm glad you are wanting to talk about it.

The chaos is both its weak spot and it's allure.

I think Cassidy and #3 have that bond due to the ghost/earmuff thing. They're both ridiculous, but it works for them.
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