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Originally Posted by lindsey- (View Post)
Two movies that Rachel was one point rumored to be attached/in talks for are getting released this months and the first reviews are getting released. Collateral Beauty currently has a 19% rating at RT (43 reviews) and a 24 score at Metacritics. Passengers has a 18% rating at RT (11 reviews) and 39 score at Metacritics. I know reviews aren't everything, but I always like to keep an eye on movies Rachel was once attached to so wanted to share this.
Originally Posted by Firecrest (View Post)
We love her movies even of some of the critics don't.
Originally Posted by Rikayla (View Post)
Still waiting for KURSK to show up.

But you know, lol, all this anticipation just means that when it does and she isn't cast, I'll be utterly devastated... Sigh.

I honestly feel that if she were to act with Matthias Schoenaerts, their chemistry together would be as good as Rachel/Jake. Rachel and Matthias does that "eye acting" thing that always feels really genuine, so I'm just dying to see them on-screen together.
Originally Posted by Laleb (View Post)
I was thinking about the same thing just yesterday, Lindsey I clearly remember how disappointed and a bit devastated when Rachel passed on this and Kate Winslet joined Collateral Beauty instead of her. Well it turns out that it was for the best! You wouldn't expect such a star studded cast to make a movie which has already got so much criticism. I'm sure Rachel would have enjoyed the experience of working with them but I'm glad she passed
As for Passengers, I'm again really glad it didn't happen for her. I think the script has changed a lot during this process and the version Rachel has read must have been quite different than the one that has got to be made. But still... I'm glad she isn't the one whose movie is getting those kinds of reviews

Hope to see Disobedience with reviews as good as Spotlight and Doctor Strange!

Same here. Here is to hoping to hear some good news about it as soon as possible... SIGH.
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