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Originally Posted by Kizzy81 (View Post)
I've seen it. It's really very good. It's not just a kids movie, there is adult humour in it too. Lauren has quite a big role in the film. She in more scenes, then I originally thought she would be. Lauren is so good in this film. I don't want to give anything away, but in one scene she cries, and she does it so well, it made me tear up! Dying to watch it again!
Thanks for sharing! I'm planning to go see it tomorrow. Happy to hear she has more scenes than we would expect!
"There's an expression in the casting business: 'God does not give with both hands.' Meaning, he doesn't give looks plus talent plus comedy. But in her case, he definitely did. It's tough to find someone that pretty who's that funny and has got all the goods." -Mark Hirschfeld
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