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HANNIBAL ● Celebrating 3 Years On Fan Forum!

Celebrating Three Years

[Board Opening Date: May 30th]

banner by me.

I am very happy to celebrate with this board three years at
I wasn't around since the opening but have been around since 2013, nonetheless.
When I came I remember loving this place so much, it was very special still is very special,
the warmness of this board is what encougared me to not only become a moderator to this board
but to visit others around and eventually moderate others board having had an amazing experience
with this one and meeting incredible and fun people here that were as invested as I was on this unique tv series.
Special thanks to Ilda and Ana, without them this celebration wouldn't be possible.
Not every day was easy, but there was and always will be a will that kept and still keeps around;
our love and dedication for the show, this board and it's wonderful actors and everyone involved.
Against all odds we are still around, we are still here posting and cancellation won't stop us!.
So come, embrace the madness and join our party!
And just a reminder; nothing here is vegetarian Happy Anniversary!.


I can´t believe it has been three years already!!!
I am so proud to be part of this Board and I want to thank both of my co-mods Ana and Val
for all the support they gave me
We deserve to celebrate not only these three years but also the fact that we came so far and we are just a few posting!
We are tough Fannibals who never give up !
This board gave me many happy and fun moments plus wonderful friendships.

Three years have passed
But they won´t be the last
Our Board stands still
Thanks to Hannibal and Will

We enjoy their adventures
And hope to watch many more
Wine, Dogs and good food
He likes to eat the rude

Let´s throw a party and eat some cake
If you are at work have a break
In our party everything is legal
We just can´t promise a cake free of people

-Ilda (I Belong To You)

Three years, one for each of the amazing seasons of our beloved show.
♥ While I miss Hannibal a lot, it's great that we still have a place -
and a very pretty one by the way - to talk about the show here on FF.
I was one of the first moderators of the board and I did disappear for a while after stepping down,
but Val and Ilda have kept the board going strong.
We really wouldn't have this board anymore if it wasn't for their dedication.
Two wonderful mods who make everyone feel welcome here, and encourage us to share our love for Hannibal through discussions, games and a whole bunch of pretty arts.
Thank you, girls for making this board what it is, and thank you, Fannibals, old and new, who were and are part of this board.
I hope the rude never cross your path and if they do, don't waste your time being a vegetarian

-Ana (Chastainღ)


There's one thing in this world that makes me feel more alive. And that's you. 🌹 We're together. This is what living feels like.

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