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Talkshow Thread #34 - More Fast Talk!

Lauren Graham Talkshow Appearances


01. KTLA Morning Show (5/10); Lauren: "Can we call you mom?"


02. Craig Kilborn (4/27); Lauren: "I'm doing a movie with Justin Timberlake"
03. Craig Kilborn (7/30); Lauren: "He [Craig Kiborn] is saying *This is comfortable, my God this is comfortable*"
04. Leno (4/21); Lauren: “So I went down to the place where I was hired to be 5,9”
05. Leno (11/20); Lauren: “It was just a regular day on the TV show until I got bitten by a horse”
06. Letterman (12/28); Lauren: “There was a teeny tiny little part of me, that thought: Clooney wants me.”
07. Regis & Kelly (12/21); Lauren: “[Jockeys] well they are [little], they have to be cause of the speed and I would have just slowed the horse down.”


08. Carson Daly (12/28); Lauren: "It’s my hair, I have highlights now“
09. Conan O'Brien (3/01); Lauren: "My friends Jen and Pete adopted a chicken for me"
10. Conan O'Brien (12/20); Lauren: "That’s that mean mom from TV, I’m not putting her in Schindler’s List 2 or whatever"
11. Craig Kilborn (5/06); Lauren: "He [her father] said *It's two different shoe day in America*"
12. David Letterman (9/27); Lauren: "I just started ending all the stories cause I felt that was really letting my friends down, you know with and woah, were we stoned.”
13. Jay Leno (5/02); Lauren: "I feel, that I’m a lawyer somewhere in my soul.”
14. KTLA Morning News (5/07); [about drinking too much coffee on the show] Lauren: “I feel a little bad about that because then to the young kids, I don’t know. But I don’t feel bad enough to stop drinking it ”
15. KTLA Morning News (11/26); Lauren: "According my father, he is the king, of everything”
16. Rosie O'Donnell (3/01); Lauren: "There are no bad foods only bad diets"
17. Rosie O'Donnell (6/26); Lauren: "Shells are very big for summer 2002”
18. The View (10/4); Lauren: "A marriage is so hard to maintain, you should start it with your highest hopes”


19. Conan O'Brien (6/12); Lauren: "They have that camera where they're like, they're like *And Jack Nicholson is here tonight*"
20. Conan O'Brien (11/21); Lauren: "Like suddenly my boobs got bigger"
21. Craig Kilborn (1/31); Lauren: "Belly Buttons are cool”
22. Craig Kilborn (11/27); Lauren: "No Craigie no"
23. David Letterman (6/11); Lauren: "Look Sally, that’s me up there on Broadway”
24. David Letterman (11/7); Lauren: "So i said *My name is Jennifer Aniston*"
25. Ellen Degeneres (11/17); Lauren: "I got pulled over by I don't know, WB's cartoon character?"
26. Jimmy Kimmel (2/24); Lauren: "From now on I'm gonna be in agreements with everything Don [King] says."
27. Jimmy Kimmel (9/22); Lauren: "I totally made up with a lot of people. Jaques, Pierre also.”
28. Jimmy Kimmel (12/5); Lauren: "Fireman's are HOT"
29. KTLA Morning News (9/23); Lauren; "I’m always like, can I make out with more people?”
30. Regis and Kelly (1/07); Lauren: "I have actual what’s called a terminal degree, which sounds so weird because you can’t go any further, for some reason you can’t hold a doctor in acting.”
31. The View (5/12); Lauren: "Making out in public in general, I don’t know, especially in a restaurant, there’s something about the making out with the food that is just like not the combination I want”
32. The View (6/19); Lauren: "Who doesn’t love lemonade, right?”


33. Conan O'Brien (5/07); Lauren: "What's up The Diese?"
34. Ellen Degeneres (2/17); Lauren: "It comes with a bun warmer in case you have a problem with cold buns"
35. Ellen Degeneres (9/27); Lauren: "I have a rat professional"
36. Jay Leno (12/23); Lauren: "All the kids run around the table, furiously, picking up all the dishes and everything until the table is cleared. And that’s the game.”
37. KTLA Morning News (11/30); Lauren: "It depends how friendly you are with a...with the a...the actors...the other actors tongue"
38. The View (5/06); [about having an affair while you’re in a relationship] Lauren: "I do think it is a fantasy, probably more common a male fantasy, that the grass is always greener and if only you can just see the other … lawns. "


39. Ellen Degeneres (2/08); Lauren: "Elton John watch out"
40. Ellen Degeneres (9/13); Lauren: "He [moving man] said *You don't have a lot of chairs, you know who has a lot of chairs? Ellen!!*"
41. Ellen Degeneres (11/03); Lauren: "I had to make out with my TV love interest, Scott Patterson, for a photoshoot but we had to make out like the way, we were holding for the cameras, so we were like “mhm” hold and “mhm” hold and we had to do that for a long time.”
42. The View (3/04); Lauren: "Tongue, lots and lots of tongue"


43. Craig Ferguson (9/25); Lauren: "Yoga makes me mad."
44. Ellen Degeneres (2/14); Lauren: "What if i had a date with George Clooney?"
45. Ellen Degeneres (9/26); Lauren: "It [head] just gets lost in the pants"
46. Jimmy Kimmel (9/06); Lauren: "My sister is living with me, but I just kicked her out. She’s british, that’s why she had to leave.”


47. Ellen Degeneres (5/08); Lauren: "Fine, great, ok, we're married, thank you."
48. Jay Leno (06/12); Lauren: "Lala, you didn't say any of the things you normally say."
49. Conan O'Brien (06/22); Lauren: "Fatty had a party and nobody came - I have a disco ball!"


50. Ellen Degeneres (9/29); Lauren: "I'm so needing a pizza, right?"
51. Craig Ferguson (10/02); Lauren: "I don't want you to have sexy dreams about me."
52. The Hour (10/02); Lauren: "I still don't have a microwave."
53. The Bonnie Hunt Show (10/6); Lauren: "Like, who's the actress in the family?"
54. Craig Ferguson (10/31); Lauren: "I'm just touching myself."


55. David Letterman (1/27); Lauren: "They wished, for my sake, that I had died sooner."
56. The View (4/1); Lauren: "I'm doing a pilot."
57. Jimmy Fallon (4/3); Lauren: "Kelly Clarkson came backstage and I was like, I'm done."
58. Rachael Ray (5/11); Lauren: "I haven't taken my wig out."
59. Jimmy Fallon (7/16); Lauren: "We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow?"
60. The View (7/17); Lauren: "They say it for themselves.".
61. Ellen Degeneres (10/20); Lauren: "Happy Birthday Mildred!"
62. Craig Ferguson (10/30); Lauren: "Why is our porn music so terrible?"


63. Craig Ferguson (3/1); Lauren: "Have you ever shod a horse?"
64. Ellen Degeneres (3/2); Lauren: "Just sitting and giggling, I'm gonna make Ellen have funny teeth!"
65. The Tonight Show (3/29); "This is Peter Krause, who plays my brother, and I - and we're discussing about private times between two people."
66. Today Show (4/26); "What's frightening is, in terms of that initial list, I have met it."
67. Craig Ferguson (4/30); Lauren: "Or is it a tour where you go and see ghosts? Which is stupid because everyone knows you can't see ghosts . . ."
68. The Tonight Show (6/16); Lauren: "What?! Shut up, no! Yes, yes. I have a renewed interest in sports, let's just say that."
69. Ellen Degeneres (9/14); Lauren: "Jokes that require an explanation are the best kind."
70. The Tonight Show (9/27); Lauren: "Something feels right in a way that hasn't felt right before."
71. Craig Ferguson (10/5); Lauren: "My fingers are in handcuffs, I can barely pay attention!"


72. Lopez Tonight (1/10); Lauren: "Here, do you want to see a little step from it?"
73. Kevin Pollak´s Chat Show (2/27): Lauren: "I just went in and humped a chair."
74. Today Show (9/9); Lauren: "Look, it's America. My boyfriend is my brother. You can do anything you want!"
75. Regis & Kelly (9/9); Lauren: "I match the carpet"
76. Jimmy Fallon(9/9); Lauren: "Have a tramtastic day, have tramtastic night, watch your step as you exit the tram and everything will be alright. MAKE IT STOP"
77. Craig Ferguson (9/13); Lauren: "Look at this y'all, yeaahhhh"
78. Jay Leno (9/27); "It´s not fraud, it´s just me shopping"
79. Ellen Degeneres (11/14); Lauren: "She did not rent me the house"
80. Rove LA (11/21); Lauren: "No, no, no, no..."


81. The Tonight Show (8/31) "I think I got some faulty seeds."
82. Conan O'Brien (9/5) "What I learned from your bruise is you really are a redhead."
83. Ellen Degeneres (9/14)
84. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (10/16)


85. Today Show (4/29)
86. Live with Kelly and Michael (4/29)
87. Watch what happens live (5/2)
88. Ellen Degeneres (5/7)
89. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (5/7)
90. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (5/8)
91. Piers Morgan Live – hosted by Matthew Perry (7/26)
92. Ellen Degeneres (9/25)
93. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (10/10)
94. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (11/4)


The Ellen Degeneres Show 3/20
The Ellen Degeneres Show 9/22
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 9/23
The Talk 9/25


Late Night with Seth Meyers 1/20/15
TODAY 1/21
The Meredith Vieira Show 1/21
The Late Late Show 2/19 (guest host)
TODAY 6/11 (Gilmore Girls reunion during the ATX Festival)
TODAY 6/17
Watch What Happens Live 6/17
CONAN 6/23


The Ellen Degeneres Show 5/23

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