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Commander Lexa [ADC] #12: None of them were "as wise or strong as Lexa kom Trikru. The truth is, she was all those things even before Ascension."

C O M M A N D E R . L E X A
[ alycia debnam carey ]

s u p p o r t e r s ;
001. KeepThisaSecret
002. BehindBlueEyes
003. brave princess
004. bandcandy
005. Mikaela0
006. AgentGrasshopper
007. Sincerely, Me.
008. fire for a heart
009. caught each other
010. LxieGrey
011. keroppi
012. Awesome Nerds
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014. MysteryXX
015. Koda
016. Thesedays
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018. Agraiel
019. megprescottfan
020. SongIceFire
021. jlxs22
022. SongIceFire
023. Moonlight Rose
024. Voldara
025. nous protégeons
026. kym_wok
027. italiangal
028. mycreativityuppedandleft

f u t u r e t i t l e s ;
+ Does lexa often throw people out of buildings? In polis they call it Tuesday.
+ "It's a character that I just adore and I feel so lucky to have been able to portray." - ADC
+ I was never extremely proficient at mathematics, but I know that the events leading up to my death don't add up - Confusedlexa
+ "For Lexa." - Titus
+ "We loved her." - Aden

+ "It's your time to go but at least you stole the show"

s c e n e o f t h e m o m e n t ;

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