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This place was once my home and I had to drop by one last time before it closed.

I'm sad to see this place go. The V board was the little board that could and did. It's still the celebrity board with the highest amount of posts and the only female celebrity board to have over a million posts. It just blows my mind that this little board, who even when I used to mod it never had the biggest group of posters, but always had the most dedicated ones. So to see it voluntarily close is incredibly sad, but as a former mod of this board I also know how hard it can be to keep the discussions going in such a way that it's going to entice others to join. I have no doubt that Caroline and Mya are making the right choice for the board and for themselves. I know this can't have been an easy decision for you both but you've done a great job of keeping the board going as long as it has.

I have so many great memories from my time on this board and I'll always remember them fondly. Thanks to everyone that made this board what it was.
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