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Originally Posted by Slayerfan714 (View Post)
I don't have high hopes for them this season. I don't not have hope....I'm not sure. The nagging urgency I felt for them to reconcile after their first breakup four years ago isn't there now. I don't think that means I have given up, as I'll always ship them for who they were, but where I thought LW would go back then versus where I see it going now also plays a factor in having hope for Bay/Emmett.

It doesn't hurt like it did. Doesn't make me angry or upset. I'm just....kind of rolling with it.

Really I just enjoy making fanart I like the idea of Bay/Emmett in fanfiction and such because they feel safer there, if that makes sense.

In LW's world, they're not even unsafe. She just doesn't seem to care. I don't know. It's an odd predicament, to sort of be shipping a couple, but not really shipping. I feel like I'm on some kind of shipping hiatus. I don't ship them with others, but right now, they are kind of off to the side, but given the right set of circumstances, yeah, I could get excited about them again. Excited as I was back in 1B? Probably not.

Sorry. That was a long convoluted answer to your question about me having high hopes!
I think with the way she writes I am so indifferent to it now
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