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Originally Posted by ollibear (View Post)
That makes perfect sense, all of it. Thank you for sharing it.

I agree that I don't have high hopes for them this season and the nagging urgency for them to reconcile is gone. I believe there is at least a 50/50 chance of Bay and Emmett ending the series as a couple, or at least with the promise of a possible future. (The latter scenario is probably more likely.)

It's definitely different from where I thought Bay and Emmett would go, after the night that they first made love.

I don't want Bay and Emmett thrown together at the end, for the sake of throwing them together. That's my fear, and it's the reason I find it impossible to ship them anymore.

But if I knew that the writers were willing to do the hard work of bringing them back together, and if the writing was going to have depth and quality to it, then yes, I would be all for it. I don't have much, if any, faith that the writers are willing to write that kind of story for Bay and Emmett.

As you say, Lizzy Weiss and the writers with her do not care about Bay and Emmett's relationship. The writing itself, and the things said in interviews and social media, all of that makes it painfully obvious that Bay and Emmett's relationship is a nuisance to them. I'd even go so far as to say they feel Bay and Emmett's relationship is a noose around their necks, strangling them, cutting them off from their artistic freedom.

That's sad to me. Bay and Emmett are the most beautiful, meaningful part of the story. They have been from the pilot episode. And it's painful to sense that the writers regret creating them, almost as if Bay and Emmett were a necessary evil, but one that they resent for being so popular.

That will never make sense to me. If any writer is at all interested in ratings (and they ALL should be), then Bay and Emmett's popularity should have felt like a godsend.

I'll never understand why Lizzy Weiss treats their relationship with such condescension and disdain, as if she is superior to anyone who cares about something so beneath her.

Well, newsflash: There's nothing lowly about Bay and Emmett. They have always had a depth that none of the other stories on the series even come close to touching. Lizzy Weiss can treat Bay and Emmett like the red-headed step child, but they are the most valuable story she will EVER create. I guarantee that.
I agree with all of this too.

I kind of want to just write an open letter to all television writers because I see a trend and it annoys me. I hate that when fans have valid, legitimate complaints about a storyline that happens to surround a couple, then they are written off as simply a fanatic shipper.

It's not just about the ship. It's about the characters. And let's be real, it doesn't help that they really don't allow Emmett to be a person outside of his relationship with Bay. But they don't and that is where Emmett/Sean gets most of his screen time.

That's not to say that people wouldn't be disappointed still because yes, people do
like Bay & Emmett....and what is so wrong with that? Honestly. We all connect to different characters and relationships for a reason. I find it offensive that shippers are placed into this box of like shallow people who are just here to see their couple make out and be pretty or whatever.

One of the reasons I liked Bay and Emmett from the start was because they made each other happy. Obviously I never would have taken an interest if they had this toxic relationship straight off the bat.

I wanted Bay to feel like someone would choose her and put her first and I wanted Emmett to see that there was someone out there who would want to share his culture and who would see him as more than a friend. They were both lost, hurt puppies at the beginning and seeing them be drawn to each other was this really neat experience. I watched them heal each other.

I wanted to see them fight challenges together, but what we got was convoluted drama....for the sake of drama.

We're fans. We're not privy to BTS goings on or outside forces effecting the writing. We only know what we see. So, if you are a writer, of any kind, you have to be prepared to show certain elements that are integral to understanding a plot. If not, we're left to infer.

Yes, I realize scenes get edited and cut. I know that ***** happens. But then you have to a better job of making up for whatever was lost in translation.

Putting a story out there, it's not going to exist in a vacuum. You have the right to put out whatever story you want, but then you have to be prepared that there are some people who are going to be offended, like when you take important plots and just drop them. There are people who are going to feel slighted, and it's completely within their rights to feel that way. When you do a shoddy job, you should expect criticism.

When you take beloved characters/relationships and trash them for no reason and don't put the work in to rectify that, yes, expect that fans won't trust you anymore. And why should they?

When you give flippant interviews that don't answer important questions about character motivation, expect that you're going to get called out on it.

In a nutshell, if you're a lazy writer, don't expect fans to fawn all over you and then get annoyed when they don't "get" your vision.
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