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Originally Posted by Ruby Rose Scarlett (View Post)
The quotes are actually all in the first post and you opened the thread I haven't seen more, I'm new!

" the end of the pilot, it's scripted "A look between Bay and Emmett." At the end, as he pulls up on his motorcycle to take Daphne away, there's a look scripted between Emmett and Bay.
A lot of viewers picked up on that pretty early on when I read the response, like "Oh, did I sense something between them?" So it was something I had always planned."-Lizzy Weiss

and all of Vanessa's quotes :

"I love Bay and Emmett." -Vanessa
"They're so similar and so different and I love that relationship." -Vanessa
"I think they're both very intense people and passionate people" -Vanessa
"I think they've been in love for a long time" -Vanessa
"They have a relationship that’s kind of the great love of the show" - Vanessa
"She's still in love with him. She's madly in love with him" - Vanessa
"He's the love of her life " - Vanessa
"Bay and Emmett [are] such a part of the show in a way that ties the show together" - Vanessa
Aw, unfortunately most of those quotes were said at the ending of Season 1A (Episodes 1-10 of the series). Lizzy Weiss (showrunner) and Vanessa Marano (Bay) have been far less optimistic about Bay & Emmett's chances, since Emmett cheated on Bay, during Season 1B (Episodes 11-22).

Actually, Lizzy Weiss seemed fairly neutral until this last season. In her interviews at the end of Season 4B (Episodes 84-93), I feel her words are pessimistic. They don't block out all hope, because why would Lizzy Weiss do that? Obviously, she wants to hold onto Bay & Emmett fans, as long as she can. But in interviews, I do feel Lizzy Weiss is preparing the audience for the possibility that Bay & Emmett might not end the series together.

After all, Lizzy Weiss believed the Season 4B Finale might very well be her series finale, and she was perfectly fine with the series ending, while Bay & Emmett's coupledom was completely decimated.

Yeah, unfortunately, Lizzy Weiss does not seem to need Bay & Emmett to be a couple in the end. I have serious doubts that she wants a "happily ever after" ending for her series. She seems more into realism, from what I can tell. I have no idea what her ultimate message about love might be. Every time I believe I have discerned some small kernel of wisdom, she negates it.

Here's a video clip of Gilles Marini (Angelo) and Vanessa Marano (Bay) when they participated in an interview right before Season 2A (Episodes 31-40) premiered. Vanessa clearly explains her feelings about Bay & Emmett after the cheating. Up until now, she has not wavered from this position and doesn't seem likely to do so.

The interview is almost 9 minutes long. If you are in a hurry, it gets more interesting at the 2:30 mark. Emmett's name is first mentioned around the 3:55 mark. After Emmett cheats, Vanessa no longer supports Bay & Emmett's relationship. In the years that follow, her interviews become even more negative.

But Gilles still supports Bay & Emmett's relationship, and I love him for that.

Here's the video clip:

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