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The quotes are actually all in the first post and you opened the thread I haven't seen more, I'm new!

" the end of the pilot, it's scripted "A look between Bay and Emmett." At the end, as he pulls up on his motorcycle to take Daphne away, there's a look scripted between Emmett and Bay.
A lot of viewers picked up on that pretty early on when I read the response, like "Oh, did I sense something between them?" So it was something I had always planned."-Lizzy Weiss

and all of Vanessa's quotes :

"I love Bay and Emmett." -Vanessa
"They're so similar and so different and I love that relationship." -Vanessa
"I think they're both very intense people and passionate people" -Vanessa
"I think they've been in love for a long time" -Vanessa
"They have a relationship that’s kind of the great love of the show" - Vanessa
"She's still in love with him. She's madly in love with him" - Vanessa
"He's the love of her life " - Vanessa
"Bay and Emmett [are] such a part of the show in a way that ties the show together" - Vanessa

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