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Originally Posted by sunnykerr (View Post)
Well, when there's this much snow, I would imagine there's some element of the response that has to be to allow it to melt in its own time.

I'm not really sure, of course, because in the cities, they don't take many chances with that and, back home, the government only cleared national roads.

One of our neighbours cleared our road with his bulldozer.

But I've seen on the news that some parts of New Jersey have been experiencing a lot of flooding, and I'm assuming a lot of that will be the winds kicking up the actual ocean unto the shores and such.

But flooding is also what happens when the ground has to handle a whole lot of melting snow all at once.

Especially if the ground itself is thawing after a freeze of some kind.

Another reason why they clear the snow right away in cities, maybe.
They just aren't even prepared for more than a couple of inches in the South.

Yeah, it's a Noreaster storm which always involves high winds, and huge waves, and flooding. We used to get those in Va. Beach.

The temps are rising slowly here, so there won't be too much chance of flooding right at the moment.

It's a Southern thing, that they don't have the equipment, or money set aside for sanding and salting.

We got used to Va. where they were prepared, and had money set aside for the weather.

I don't think anywhere could have been prepared for all that happened this time. Especially North of us.

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