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Wanted to get a link posted to our new home on the Celebrities board...

And here's my goodbye from my most recent chapter of If Only, dedicated to all my loves here...

This chapter is coming to you earlier than I had planned because I needed to dedicate it to a bunch of people who have been a family to me the last eight years. The Ed Westwick board over at FanForum will close on Sunday due to lack of activity and we're all pretty devastated. That's the place where I made some fantastic friends, whiled away many days and nights as moderator, and the place where I made my internet home for the better part of the last decade. I will never forget the times we laughed and cried together, the schemes hatched and survivors battled out, the spoiler speculation for Gossip Girl and the incredibly popular FanFiction thread that was my own special baby. The friendships I made there are cherished and I will sorely miss having that place to go back to.

To Isa (my second other half), Chris, CT, Sharon, Lynne, Jackie, Dawn, Kay (my first other half), Cher, Belle, V, and so very many others, I want to thank you for making me feel less alone in my Gossip Girl obsession. Thank you for being yourselves.
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