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Travis as a potential romantic hero is growing on me.

Initially, he definitely did come across as a not so bright and rather abrasive guy. I think a lot of that was due to his insecurity and defiance because nobody, starting with his family, had ever really expected anything good of him. Remember how floored he was when Melody said she could see him going to college and coming back to Carlton as a teacher? So the goofy/disinterested persona was his way of showing he didn't care what anybody thought. For example, he really liked Daphne at one point, but he still showed up to take her to the prom in a silly t-shirt with a picture of a tux printed on it.

So I think the way he seemed to only care about the food in Mexico was part of the same thing... he's used to assuming this persona by now as a defense mechanism, but he is doing it less often. I don't think it shows that he was more interested in the food than in Bay.

I agree that Travis's relationship with Mary Beth may have started as a matter of convenience/being flattered that she really liked him, and he definitely screwed up a lot in that relationship (as did she), but he ended up really caring about her and being really hurt when she ended the relationship. I think he learned a lot from that relationship, and it was important that he go through that as a stepping stone to a deeper, more open relationship in the future. In the same way, Bay has learned from her various relationships.

I think Ryan Lane can definitely project a deeper passion/longing... we've seen glimpses of that here and there. I think the actor can pull it off if the writers choose to go there for him and Bay. Whether the two will have any chemistry remains to be seen.

And yeah, Garrett... I don't like him. I don't like Mingo, either. To me, they both are the sort of glossy, insincere/ungenuine-looking men who are usually cast in soaps. No matter how much their scripts are made to make them seem thoughtful and caring, I just can't quite buy it.
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