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Originally Posted by nailpolishchick2 (View Post)
Pacey was everything to Joey that Dawson was not Amy. When the series started, Dawson was it for her but a HUGE shift happened in season 3, Dawson turned his back on Joey and pushed Pacey at her to be friends, Joey fell in love with Pacey and nothing was ever the same again. Joey did not like the term soulmate for Pacey, because as she said, she wanted to create their own history together. Joey gravitated back to Dawson after Pacey dumped her as a security blanket, that's all Dawson ever was and Pacey grew into her true love. She ran from that love for a long time. But that's Dawson's creek, very different show from Switched at birth
Spot on. Yes, similarities but still a different show. I think they have strayed enough that we can't get real spoilers.

And half of DC was Pacey almost failing out of school and hitting people (even for Joey). So I'd say, yes. Travis has those same characterizations.

I think Travis and Bay could be a relationship where they grow together and discover each other. I think Travis will work on his anger as well, especially now that we have the main root of it exposes (and trusted only to Bay).
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