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Originally Posted by Slayerfan714 (View Post)
Is Daphne Andy or Jen?
I was actually thinking about that the other day. I think she's a pretty good mix of both of them with just a splash more Andy.

Originally Posted by Slayerfan714 (View Post)
I was always on the Pacey/Joey side of the triangle too! In fact, there was an episode in the first season that features one of my favorite songs to ever be played on DC. It's the Double Date episode where Pacey/Joey do that science experiment together and he kisses her. I thought even then that they'd eventually do P/J.
Yeah, I knew very early on they would go Pacey and Joey at least for a bit. It was that same episode that really sold it for me...Pacey just waited around for a long time to move in. I did hear that he wasn't originally supposed to end up with Joey, though. And that Dawson was supposed to get her. I can also see a splash of Pacey in Emmett so I think it may be hard to match them quite so perfectly. And the long wait that Pacey/Joey fans had to endure could be something similar with Bay and Emmett. That being said, I still feel like Travis is this series Pacey and that Bay and he could grow together. If the writers decide to go that route.

Originally Posted by ollibear (View Post)
Do you all like Travis better than Emmett now?
I wouldn't say like better. Right now in her life and in his life, I think they would be good for each other.

Originally Posted by ollibear (View Post)
Will more people root for Bay & Travis than for Bay & Emmett? Does that matter to the writers? Does fan support dictate storyline decisions? I wasn't around for the days of Dawson's Creek. Is that what happened there?

Is Emmett now as obnoxious as Dawson was then? Does Travis now have Pacey's same lovableness? Personally, I'm not feeling a connection to Travis. Are others?

I recognize that Travis has been a supportive, good friend to Bay. I see the potential for him to crush on her, but even that crushing hasn't been sold to me yet. Travis told Emmett (and us) he has feelings for Bay, but I am not sure if I believe it. I haven't seen it with my own eyes yet.
Oh my should just watch Dawson's Sometimes I rewatch it because it's so different and really hard to describe. I normally watch seasons 1-4 (4 with great sadness) and then skip to the last episode lol.

As for if people will root for Bay and Travis more...I don't think we'll know for sure until we get into their relationship. People on youtube seem to be swaying to Travis' side, though. And they aren't even together (yet).

I don't think anyone could ever be as obnoxious as Dawson. He is just so terrible. I do say that Travis has the potential for the same lovableness. It's difficult because we still don't know him yet. I do like him though. I'm not 100% sold on him but I hated him before so it may be that getting in the way.

I believe his feelings for Bay. To me it said it all in his silence and in his actions. That was played very well.

Originally Posted by ollibear (View Post)
I never believed Travis's sincere feelings for Mary Beth either, though. He loved her, yes, but he never seemed in love with her to me.

Travis seemed mesmerized by Daphne for a while, but they never had a real connection either. I've never felt Travis's feelings run all that deep. He seems somewhat emotionally damaged by his early home life. That's what has made him so angry. Melody's maternal love has healed some of that hurt, but Travis still has issues. He could benefit from counseling. I'm just not in love with his character.
I think you are spot on with Daphne and Mary Beth. Mary Beth always seemed to be someone that he could be with because she wanted to be with him. It didn't seem even, more like convenience.

As for his bad home life and his emotional damage, that's what makes a compelling character. Hell, that's half the reason I was so in love with Pacey. He persevered even though his home life was bad. I see Travis as being the same. They parallel very well.

Originally Posted by ollibear (View Post)
For storytelling purposes, Bay will probably experience Emmett coming back to her, at some point, but will she still want him? Will she choose Travis instead?
Time will only tell, but I think it will be long and drawn out. That's the way that Paul and Lizzy like things. :/

Originally Posted by ollibear (View Post)
Do you think that bodes poorly for Bay & Emmett? Does that mean, like on Dawson's Creek, that dark horse Travis will be Bay's OTP?

Cause my heart 100% belongs to Emmett.
Like I said perviously, I don't know if it bodes poorly. Pacey was a dark horse but an obvious one. Whereas Travis snuck up on us. And I still think Emmett has a dash of Pacey as well. So the storyline might play out like that as well. It would be interesting to go in deep comparison but I think it would take way too long and be a little outside of the realm of this
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