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Don't think she'll go that long.

Not sure how much longer I'll continue Adrian's diary, but here's another one for you:

Adrian’s Diary #3
Date: December, Year VA Takes Place
Oh my God.

There’s some kind of high school field trip going on at this ski resort. I mean, I guess they’re technically here because of some dire threat to their lives, but you’d never guess it by the way they’re acting. I actually saw some guy ask his friend to give some girl a note asking if she’d go out with him. I nearly stopped to tell him to ditch the note and just use some Adrian Ivashkov Pro Tips, but I didn’t have that kind of time because I was on my way to the bar. There’s something about having so many people packed in here…it’s making it harder to think. I’ve ended up in other people’s dreams without meaning to and then have to act innocent if they mention it the next day. I also have trouble shutting out all these auras. It’s such a blur that I’ll just lose track of what’s going on. Being alone helps make it more bearable. Painting helps a little too. Rum helps a lot.

The one good thing about this snow-covered nightmare is that I met a cute dhampir girl tonight. She was playing hard to get, but I’m pretty sure she likes me.

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