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Yeah, I'm fearing that this will make everyone think of him as "the guy with the amazing body" again, instead of "the amazing actor", you know? A lot of the media still just sees him as a sexy heartthrob, but they might start to focus more on his mad acting skills (especially when it comes to comedies) with all his upcoming movies. I'm afraid that this Baywatch movie will just take them back to where they are now though. It seriously annoys me how articles went on about the slo-mo shower in WYAF when the second trailer came out, instead of being excited about, you know, the movie and the story and the characters (and not just when they aren't wearing any shirts).

With that being said, I'm not gonna complain about what will, without a doubt, be a hot (and hopefully good and funny) movie. Zac definitely has the body for such a movie, and he'll probably have a lot of fun filming it. I'm also very excited about him being in a movie with The Rock. The list of big actors and actressess he's starred opposite of is just growing all the time, and I love it!

So I say bring the Baywatch!
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