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Lilah Morgan/Stephanie Romanov Appreciation #6: 'I am going to bury you alive, next to my house so I can hear you screaming'

[ The 6th Lilah Morgan/Stephanie Romanov Appreciation Thread ]


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1x18 Five By Five:

LILAH: I'll make the contact.
LEE: I don't think so. It’s my deal, I’ll make the contact.
LILAH: Let me think about it . . . No.
LEE: Why not?
LILAH: It's your people skills - you don't have any.
LEE: You bitch.
LILAH: See? If you behave I'll let you ride in the limo.

FAITH: Who is we, and why do they know about me when I don't know jack about you?
LILAH: Green is my favorite color. I look good in diamonds. And I love riding in limousines.

1x22 To Shanshu In LA:

VOCAH: Angel! I am summoned for the Raising - the very thing that was to bring
this creature down to us, tear him from the Powers That Be – and he has the scroll?
LILAH: We're not unaware of the irony.

LILAH: Remember when Robert Price let the Senior Partners down
and they made him eat his liver? I don't know what made me think of that.

2x11 Redefinition:

LILAH: I can't do it anymore, Lindsey.
LINDSEY: Do what?
LILAH: The waiting. I'm sitting in my office and, every time there is a noise
or the phone rings . . . One of us is gonna die, Lindsey.
LINDSEY: Everybody dies, Lilah.
LILAH: But not everybody ends up in a dog-food processing plant in San Pedro.

2x15 Reprise:

LINDSEY: Look, either we pass the review, or we won't. You really think that
a few last minute dark rites and rituals are gonna make a difference now?
LILAH: Everybody else seems to think so. I heard Henderson actually pulled her
firstborn out of company daycare to offer it up . . . Brown noser. My mother was right.
I should have had children.

2x18 Dead End:

LINDSEY: Nathan, I'm so proud that you chose me . . . If I would have
been in your shoes, I would have chosen Lilah. Let me tell you why.
Do you have any idea of the hours this chick has logged in? Huh?
The files she has on you guys? Deep stuff. Ronnie, your stock manipulations,
Nathan's little offshore accounts . . . Can you imagine if something were to
happen to this girl and those files got back to the senior partners? They'd eat
you alive! She's been working overtime, boys. She's everything you ever dreamed of.
Lilah is your guy.

3x04 Carpe Noctem:

GAVIN: You're a tough one. I know I'm gonna have to earn your respect.
But give me a little time. You'll see I'm a creative guy.
LILAH: Oh, like your 'lets torment Angel with building code violations' idea?
So Machiavellian! We'll just drown him in red tape.

3x06 Billy:

LILAH: I'm not Lindsey McDonald. I don't switch sides whenever it gets tough.

3x08 Quickening:

LILAH: If you don't tell me right now, I'm gonna have your skin peeled off
and stapled back on inside out.

LILAH: Is this your convoluted, pathetic way of asking for my help?
Because you sure need it. You're understaffed, underfunded, and clearly undertalented.

3x09 Lullaby:

LILAH: Look, if I'd known you were torturing him, I wouldn't have interrupted.
Please, continue. I'll wait until you’re finished.

HOLTZ: Do you know what he is?
LILAH: Yeah, I know. Vampire, cursed by gypsies who restored his soul.
Destined to atone for centuries of evil, wacky sidekicks, yada, yada.
I'd have him killed myself, except the people I work for have this 'policy.'

3x10 Dad:

LILAH: This is impossible. Two hundred seventy five years of the most inane . . .
What kind of wussy name is Liam anyway?

3x16 Sleep Tight:

LILAH: Look, I've been doing this a long damn time. I've had to be better,
smarter, quicker than every man in Wolfram and Hart.
ANGEL: So, it's a feminist thing.
LILAH: It's a survival thing. I made a lot of devil's bargains and I stuck to them.
As a result, I live somewhat dangerously and quite comfortably.
My mother, who no longer recognizes me, has the best room at the clinic.
I get up every morning, put on my game face and do what I have to.

LILAH: You think you can awaken some buried spark of decency in me?
Is that the way you ‘help your helpless?’ I'm not helpless. I'm glad you came along,
because I was sitting here all 'what's it all about' and now I know.
It is all about making the rest of your eternal life miserable. Shall we drink to that?

SAHJAHN: You will learn nothing from me.
LILAH: Other than that you're his sworn enemy, who brought Holtz back,
and when that didn't work out, you came to me. Idiot.

SAHJAHN: You do not want the child alive. You want the child dead.
That was our arrangement.
LILAH: Yeah. I'm a lawyer. Have you met me? We have a new arrangement.

3x20 A New World:

LILAH: Wow. I guess when she slit your throat she nicked your sense of humor.

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