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Originally Posted by Nad (View Post)
That's what my sister said
They are huuuuuge

I hope he'll manage to have a good rapport with the media as well, surely some huge boots to fill on all accounts.
I hope they give him chance and don't just slaughter him right away, like so often happens with things like this.

Didn't the PL sign a huge deal the other day? So there'll be even more Money envolved now? Not sure if that's the right direction - but I suppose that is something that needs to be dealt with all around.
More than likely, it's ridiculous. Money needs taking out of the PL not putting in

Duuuuuude, talk about a comeback game The first half was outstanding, Porto didn't even know what was happening
HOW AWESOME WAS THAT?! I was soooo excited watching! Such a comeback!! Exactly what we needed!

I went to the Marvel triple bill last night to see Age of Ultron, and it is awesome! Anybody going to go see it? So good

I hope you guys will have a good week, it's time for me to jump on a plane. Came around so so fast
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