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Originally Posted by Nad (View Post)
Right! They Need to come up with good shows on their own and if they do, give them a chance and not cancel them if the ratings aren't a huge hit from the get go.
There's been a few shows around with decent concepts and they just bin them off but they often run them into the ground it's so stupid

I was so baffled last night. Mueller-Wohlfahrt has been there since forever and for him to step down, something huge must have happened. To blame the medical team for the loss in Porto is just wrong, the medical team weren't on the pitch and how are the medical team to blame for individual faults? I don't get it.

Like they haven't enough going on already
I really don't get it, either. It 1000% baffles me that this has happened. Them being blamed I find utterly disgusting. I've seen Neuer has spoken and said he will still seek out MW for treatment because he's worked with him for years now, but the situation - whatever it was - is none of his business. Which, just sounds to me like the players are as baffled as we are

I like the books, but the show is a more condensed version, which is at times a good thing. George RR Martin has a tendency to write long winded, so the books are good, but tthey have their lengths
Ahh, I see. I know a lot of people complain that he doesn't release new books quickly.

I read a comment today, someone mentioned that if Pep were to be let go in Bayern, he could go to BVB and Klopp could go to Bayern... I'm sure that would go over well - not

There's also speculation he might end up in England.
That... would be awful for everyone involved I love Klopp but Dortmund fans haven't gotten over Mario coming to Bayern, if Klopp were to do it, fans of BVB may actually combust

I heard that he may end up in England, I'm not sure where he'd go though - and I wonder how they'd take to him over here, he'd probably not go down too good because he likes players actually y'know... playing football, an not counting their paychecks.

I just hope a decision will be reached before the end of the season, they don't need extra stuff to deal with in preparation for the new season.
I know he's answered some of the speculation, but he kinda needs to just come out and say yes or no to end it now. It can't be comfortable for him having to keep quiet either way.

Agreed on all counts. I'm not a Bayern fan, but as a football fan in general it was painful to watch, especially if you know how good they can be.
It was awful to witness. Thankfully they played better today - though my stream was still as terrible
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