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You have made me feel so good. Thank you!
This makes me happy, I love making others happy.

This episode is when everything turned.
I hadn't realized that this is the episode that's kind of the beginning of the end for Emmett and Bay, but I guess it is. Although, I think the beginning of the end is when they got back together. I agree with you, I don't think she ever got over his cheating, even though she said she did.

And Bay has graduated high school, but then, she made an awful decision. Bay spent the last year serving a sentence for Daphne's crimes. She was rejected by Pratt. Bay hasn't applied to any other colleges, and all applications, whether for school or employment, ask about a criminal record.
I wonder if her not getting into Pratt was what made her take the fall for Daphne, in some weird way. I never got the impression she really wanted to go to LA for herself, she was just going to follow Emmett there. But not getting into her dream school must have sucked.

I don't want Bay to end up working at a mini-mart, for the rest of her life.
I just pictured that, and the image is too sad. It better not become a reality! *looks to writers*

I think that knowledge, if Bay will admit to it, could be what allows Bay & Emmett to get it right, if they give their relationship a third go.
I personally think a third time at a relationship is too much, even if it's a couple other than Emmett and Bay. Something must have happened to drive them apart not once, but twice.

But in full disclosure, I do not believe cheating is a terrible thing. Of course, it is preferable not to do it, and I have been lucky and strong. I never have. But I don't think awful things about the people who do, and a lot of people do cheat.
My turn for full disclosure! (To a point, this is the internet.)

Part of the reason I'm so anti-cheating is because part of the reason my parents got a divorce is because one of them cheated on the other. They are much happier apart, and I'm not sad about their divorce, but I still do not think one of them should have cheated on the other.

I don't understand why people just don't break up with their significant others first. Obviously a marriage is a lot more complicated than people who are dating (especially if there are kids involved), but still.

So do you excuse any choice Bay made while drunk?

To you, does the drinking completely absolve Bay of sharing things with her ex-boyfriend Tank, that she should not have shared while she was in a relationship with Emmett.

If a man drank, and had a girl sit on his lap, putting his hands on her inner thighs, would his drinking absolve him from cheating, too?

Or do you just believe it is women who are absolved of poor decision making while drunk?
I don't think being drunk is ever an excuse -- if someone had, say, crashed my car and used the "I was drunk" excuse, I wouldn't let them off the hook. Bad example, but it's been kind of a long-ish day and I don't have the energy to think of a better one.

I personally feel like what happened with Tank and Bay was sexual assault. Even if a person was drunk, that doesn't mean someone could take advantage of them -- in this case, it doesn't mean Tank could take advantage of Bay, and I don't see her sleeping with him if she had been sober. I know Tank had been drinking, too, but from the flashbacks, she had more to drink than he did. When the episode first aired, I thought someone had slipped something in Bay's drink and that's why she had trouble remembering and things like that. And yes, Bay did make the decision to drink, but she was among friends, where she probably thought she would be safe and not have to worry about anything.

Tank is a person with whom Bay shares some romantic and sexual feelings, and he is a person who still feels MANY romantic and sexual feelings for her. That's what makes Bay sharing the information with Tank emotional cheating, and not simply the breaking of a confidence.
I never really got the impression she still had feelings for him. I know he did for her, but I thought she only wanted to be friends with him.
"I love you."
"I know."
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