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Disclaimer: I have not watched the season four episodes since they aired and my memory is very bad. And I also need to rematch the entire series ASAP. But that's a given, this show is great.

But if Bay didn't want that kind of commitment with Emmett (and I guess, in all honesty, Bay didn't want that kind of commitment with Emmett), then putting Daphne first doesn't have anything to do with Emmett.

Bay still shouldn't have done it, though, because she betrayed herself.
I honestly thought she was going to go to LA with Emmett. Like if Daphne didn't exist, I would have thought she'd go. Although if Daphne didn't exist, Emmett and Bay would have never met...

Allowing Bay to take the fall for her crimes was an INCREDIBLY selfish thing for Daphne to do. I'm glad both Toby and Emmett expressed their anger at her for that.

I sure do hope Bay sees that she's important, too, this summer.
It was so incredibly selfish, I can't even... I didn't like Daphne by this point anyway, but if I had, I'm sure I wouldn't like her anymore after that. After Daphne agreed with what Bay "did" Bay looked shocked, and I interpreted it as her not actually thinking Daphne would go along with her.

I'm glad Toby and Emmett were mad at her, and I wish more characters would be angry with her, too. Like oh I don't know, John. Girl gets off way too easy.

What makes Bay more mature than Emmett in your mind?
The thing that comes to my mind, maybe because it's so recent, is the fact that he put Bay's personal experience into his movie. I don't care if he was affected by it and therefore he attempted to justify it when Bay talked to him about it. It wasn't his experience to put onscreen. It was way too personal, he even told Sky he didn't want Bay to see it because it was so personal (yeah, personal for her) and at the very least, he should have talked to Bay before he did it. Hopefully he would have listened if she said no, but I don't that happening... I see it as him thinking what happened with Tank was her fault and he was using his movie to get back at her or something. I get him needing to process his feelings, I just don't think a film that will be seen by strangers without her consent.

And also, his line about how "relationships should just work" didn't help. It shouldn't be fighting all the time, true, but adults work at their relationships.

I couldn't help but think that Bay looked crushed after her and Emmett ended things and he looked like he had much better things to do, maybe that's my opinion.

So how do you feel about Bay cheating on Tank with Emmett? And how do you feel about Bay cheating on Emmett with Tank?
So I took a sexual assault counseling course when I was in college. We learned that if anyone has any amount of alcohol in them, they are unable to consent, and that makes it rape. Tank was also intoxicated, so that's where it gets fuzzy.

I see what happened with Tank as rape and personally do not see that as her cheating on Emmett. From the flashbacks, she was way too out of it to give consent. To me, cheating is a conscious decision, and I don't see that decision in her deciding to sleep with Tank. But again, Tank had also been drinking (although he didn't seem as out of it as Bay) so it's not all black and white.
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