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Or if Bay couldn't or didn't want to put Emmett first, then I think it is fair that Emmett took that as an indication of her level of commitment to their relationship.
I agree with this.

Out of curiosity, do you believe family comes before boyfriends, even if you are living with the boyfriend?
I think the boyfriend, if he were living with me, would be considered family. Obviously I think it depends on the situation. For example, if my boyfriend were in the hospital but my family were having a huge dinner together, I would put my boyfriend first. But if the situation were reversed, I'd go be with my relative in the hospital. I also think "fiancee" or "husband" carries more weight than "boyfriend."

As I said, I don't believe Bay thought about taking the fall for Daphne the entire day, I think it was a split-second decision. Or maybe not quite that fast, but I don't think she had time to talk to Emmett. I get why he was mad, I might react the same way, although I'd try to understand why she did it. But I think it's fitting her Bay's character, helping the underdog. I think it was foolish, but I can see why she did it. But Bay needs to see that she's important, too.

I have another question for you. Is your primary reason for disliking Emmett because he cheated? Or are there other important reasons.
Honestly, the fact that he cheated is a huge factor. The fact that he and Bay cheated on Tank and he didn't seem as bothered by it, is another issue. I don't care if he thinks he and Bay are "meant to be" cheating isn't okay by any means. I also don't like how he's dealt with stuff recently -- I get he's 19, but I think Bay is more mature than he is.

I don't mean to sound like I hate him. I don't. He's just not one of my favorite characters on SaB. He's never been my favorite, even in the beginning, but lately I just do not like him.
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