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I'd be sad to see it closed. The only other forum I know has endless repetitive Edith bashing/ sl...-shaming and other things I don't like. Another very good forum with a nice DA subforum, sadly, is no more...

As for posting regularly, my problem is: I don't really find anything left to discuss about last season (I saw it when it aired in the UK). There are hardly any spoilers yet. And I'm not a big actor's shipper, i.e. I don't feel the need to write how beautiful/ handsome etc. actor or actress X is... (I mean, I'm sure they are wonderful people...) What I have to say about DA in general is not very positive these days, and I don't want to rant all the time. So... there is really very little for me to post right now. I'm sure once spoilers leak, I'll be willing to spoil and speculate, but would the posts in the spoiler section even count?
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