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Originally Posted by miranstarr (View Post)
I know! And Vision.
Yesss! It looks great!

Originally Posted by Nad (View Post)
Yes please. There are so many good books out there, ut can't be that hard for them to find those.
It's a shame, really. World Book Day stirred up a bit of a storm here, when a mother let a 10 year old kid go to school dressed as Christian Grey because she saw 'nothing wrong with it' I'm both shocked and appauled. He even had cable ties.

Re the near misses - I was actually expecting S04 to eventually score and win. How can you miss that many times?
It did seem that would be the outcome, it was sods law, wasn't it? But my gosh, it was a brilliant game for the neutral.

I was laughing so hard
Same here, but it saddens me Auba got a yellow for it, and Reus should've got one, too - but the ref didn't see him. I get they have the 'no masks' rule an all, but gee, it was a celebration - calm down a bit. They weren't wearing it for the entire game (which, if I'm honest, I would PAY to see)

The referee was a joke, not only the situation with Reus, but also the one with Immobile.
HE WAS SUCH AN IDIOT. I cannot believe he wasn't carding people, and he seemed so biased. I can't remember who it was, but all those tackles, the Reus situation and Ciro - and NOTHING. Yet, one of BVB makes a tackle and got called out for it?! So wrong, so very wrong.

Oh, there's a trailer already.. I'm sooo behind this week.
Here's the trailer, via Marvel UK twitter.
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