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Originally Posted by Ghost.Of.You (View Post)
If I was her I'd have torn the contract to shreds in front of him

These children need help, and decent stories given to them
Yes please. There are so many good books out there, ut can't be that hard for them to find those.

HELL YES I DID. What a game that was! I was actually talking with Gina (Fire_and_Flame) while watching it, and it was such a cracking game to watch. Hummels and Höwedes do amuse me how they go from friends to trying to tear each other to shreds to normal again. It was a good game though, imo, couldn't believe how many near-misses there were!
Re the near misses - I was actually expecting S04 to eventually score and win. How can you miss that many times?

And let us not forget, AuBATeyang and ReusIN, which I laughed at for a good 10 minutes
I was laughing so hard

ETA: watching BVB - Dresden: I can't believe this just happened. AGAIN.
The referee was a joke, not only the situation with Reus, but also the one with Immobile.

Oh, there's a trailer already.. I'm sooo behind this week.
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