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Hello, hello, I'm back!

Adding to the '50 Shades talk' I just cannot stand that franchise and the fact I see it on book shelves

Originally Posted by miranstarr (View Post)
The books are terrible and their relationship is so abusive. I can't believe some people think it is a love story.
It's the same people as Twilight who tend to think so, and when you think 50 Shades is literally a published Twilight fan-fiction it kinda figures The writing in those books are beyond terrible, though.

I feel so bad that Jamie Dornan is in it, why whyyy.

Nad & Gina: Madrid's away kit cracks me up! You can't miss them, can you?

I didn't watch the Oscars, I'm really not much of a fan of them - I've seen a lot of the quotes and stuff that happened going around and honestly a lot of it just makes me cringe (who was writing NPH's script?). I'm all for voicing your opinions and everything but it just seems a strange place to do it I am glad Eddie won though, he's adorable
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