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this is true she was.... but im not expecting clyde to swoop in and save her ass. Jeannie can do that on her own i'd say. and even if he tried, im sure he can do nothing to get jeannie back into marty's good graces... and he is probably enjoying not being the black sheep of the pod for a while.

i do like to think that when they find out that marty is trying to oust her that they will have her back a bit more. because i believe they at least know and appreciate her value.

i think my point is that mostly i would just settle for clyde not spitting in jeannies coffee. i think he can 'hate' her as much as he wants and he doesnt have to defend her, but thats just being super ****ty to someone that helped pull your butt out the fire a few months previously. but maybe thats just me.

as for marty and jeannie. they seem a little bit damned if they do, damned if they dont. who knows if they are better for each other together or apart... we dont, and they definitely dont. this baby will, i hope, offer a different dynamic on their relationship, otherwise i fear we will go around in very complicated circles for a good long while.
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