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I know most people are upset with Marty and how he is treating Jeannie and I don't agree with or condone what he is doing, i would prefer he forgive and move on. However, watching him with Jeannie in the last two episodes of season 3 we saw a Marty we have never seen, not to my recollection at least. He went all in (they both did) and right or wrong when he gave himself up like that I am sure it had to hurt like crazy when he landed in jail because of her actions. The Fed lady said something to the affect that she was able to protect Jeannie so what Marty probably felt and heard was that Jeannie made a deal with the Feds and intentionally set him up to take a fall so she could take the company. Not to mention when she told him she was pregnant with another guy's baby, i think that hurt Marty to (but that could be another case of me misreading facial expressions). True, it was not her intent but the world they live in that is all part of the game, so it is not too much of a stretch for Marty to think she did it on purpose. So you put all that together, and I am not sure I can blame him for feeling the way he does, except I know it was not intentional on Jeannie's part, she really thought she was doing the right thing for the company, so i really think he needs to forgive and move on.

Looking back at early in season 3 Jeannie was harsh and fought hard to keep him at a distance. Now she did that because he was a jerk when she said she loved him (hope I am not confusing seasons). It seems like when one is ready to move forward the other is not or in the case of last season Jeannie's actions backfired and landed him in jail. One day they will both be ready at the same time and it should be fun. lol

Just my two cents though.
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