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welcome anthony, glad to have you here

for me the only likable parts of marty are roscoe and jeannie and hes on the **** with both atm

You're a dishonest person Jeannie. And I get dishonesty. I mean, I do of course. But yours doesn't seem to have an off switch. Now I may end up drowning but it's not going to be because of you.

???wheres his off switch???
and she was actually truthful about being the one who handed in the info

im happy that at least jeannie is not taking **** from clyde
"whiny little bitches look at you and go 'ew what a whiny little bitch'"

and oh god doug and sarah.. doug thinking it would be better if sarah was dead.. i mean he makes marty and jeannie's relationship seem healthy at times
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They're like so in love
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