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I have to respectfully disagree, AMC has the finale say because it is their network, Gimple and all the others work for AMC and if this petition continues to get heat as it has been getting I can see S6 (Because S5 is all written and filmed) I can see Emily being asked back, Emily already said in her interview that if she was asked back she would accept it and go back. I do agree Gimple nor Kirkman or anyone else is going to admit they messed up big time but amc would have no problem bringing Beth back as it has been done before in series. and that's where Gimple's hand would be forced. He has say over creative storylines and such but he has no say on amc bringing back characters.

I think the aguement is that Beth is 18/19 while Rosita is mid to late 20's. And another thing that ruins it and to no fault of her own is that Emily looks soo young, She is 29, She is almost 30 years old and yet tomorrow she could be on the disney channel playing a 16 year old again. She was 25 when she first played Beth who was 16 so I mean it isn't like she looks the part of older (Rosita does) I'm just guessing at what others are comparing it too. I, myself had no problem with it. 16 years of age is the actual consent in Georgia and I knew Beth was 19 and it wasn't like Bethyl was sexual. Beth and Daryl hadn't even thought about kissing and yet people are already to complain about an 19 year old being sexual with an 40 year old (And I'm going towards 40 because we have no idea Daryl's actual age. Beth and Daryl were becoming friends in still/alone and it went further but they had no idea of that so I think calling them out as "Gross" was just stupid.

AMC first put out in Alone that Bethyl had feelings for each other and they deleted it and then they came out again and put the same thing and kept it. I don't know why it was deleted and I don't know why it was brought back if Bethyl were going to go nowhere. IDK

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