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I am so grateful I met you Cait! It has been amazing and I cherish every memory of this board. Maybe this board is closing but our love for Rob will stand. Things change and we have to move forward. It was the right decision to go out while their was still life here. I will see you here but more important we know how up reach each other. Thankful for meeting Missy, Nikki, Viv, Hannah, Karina, Martha ...❤️
Grateful I met you too B Grateful met all you girls.
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Thanks for all your hard work! Both of you!
Thanks Pam
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I'm crying right now...........I don't know what to say because I'm still in shock

I love you're AWESOME!!! and sister in life.....don't you ever disappear because I'll torture to death!!!!

I've done my share of crying trust me I feel ya You'll always be my Rob Mob Reporter
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I know I haven't been around very long compared to you guys, but I'm still really sad about this, I love coming here and chatting to you all. I truly hope to keep in touch with you lovely ladies xxxx
We have FB so that's something and we can always catch each other on Kristen or Twilight board you can always pop over to my other board the OT if you wanna
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This is so sad but I do understand the decision. I wish I was able to come here more often!
Thanks for understanding and coming back to say so Emma much appreciated it
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this is so sad
awww H don't do that to me lol kill me with you gifs gah I love ya girl always be my gif Queen
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Gonna be sad to lose this board for good but will always remember the good times I had on here with some of you and who it let me meet

Cait and Bailey - love you girls like crazy and thanks for being amazing fans of Rob when there haven't always been and being the awesome girls that you both are
As my sister always tells me when I'm sad something has ended don't be sad it ended be happy it happened. and I am I loved this board and the happy outlet it created for me for yrs and all the amazing people hell friends I have from this board I love all you girls and am grateful this board gave those friendships to me

Love you like crazy too miss you know that and I'll be coming around your board you know come visit me at Castle sometime
Thanks to Si_Crazy for my incredible avie
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