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Originally Posted by BA4eva (View Post)
i think if angel hadn't gone off to la they would have made angelus her darkness in s6
could be..but I don't think it would be the same as B/S crap storyline...because unlike spuke, Buffy got the hots for Angel's evil side.
And I don't think it would be a self-punishment thing as Buffy felt during S6, and most definitely, I don't want to think it would led to Attempted Rape. If Angelus wanted to rape Buffy, he could have done it in "Passion" while she was sleeping on her bed or after they were possessed by ghost on IOHEFY...Even at evil mode, I can say that Angelus has much class act than any vamp in the BTVS. Heck, even Dracula took advantage of Buffy and bit her in the neck..But Angelus...hmm, he just went crazy and kill people surrounding Buffy, but still, that's much class act, in an evil kinda way !
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