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Sara did a twitter party!

Q: what couples do you ship on the show?
A: Froey forever

Q: what is your fav season and why?
A: season 6, because Ryan Cooley broke my heart into a million pieces.

Q: Any new couplings in the new season?
A: Silly goose, you'll have to wait and see!!

Q: what scene has been your favourite to film so far?
A: you haven't seen it yet, but it has to do with cheerleaders, peer pressure, and a whole lot of teen hormones.

Q: do you like playing a twin
A: It's one of the best parts of being Frankie!

Q: who would you like to have more scenes with?
A: Everyone!

Q: can you tell us when the first episode airs?
A: it's not finalized yet but we'll let you know as soon as we can!

Q: i'm sick make me feel better
A: wanna hear something weird? I'm sick too! (colds suck)

Q: any happy moments to look forward to in S14 or is it all drama?
A: Drama, Horror, Love, Comedy, degrassi has it all!
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