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He could still be charged with murder, but the way the police is talking about it in that article, specifically the part where they say "should you charge someone based on a series of split-second decisions made when he'd just been the victim of a crime," leads me to believe he won't be.

And that do feels that tells you something about how seriously gun violence is taken.

There's obviously no denying that he was the victim of what appears to have been a violent crime.

Mind you, he still managed to recover quickly enough to pursue them and kill one of them, so he made a remarkably quick recovery.

So it's not a matter of blaming the victim here. He was the victim of a crime.

But does that mean he's then free to commit one of his own? And is that what happened here?

I don't know.

I'm just hoping the death will be taken as seriously as the home invasion.
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