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We're not the only ones who were impressed with Ana and Sara the other night. The following was posted by Brendan Jeffers, aka the unfortunately named Vince:

Originally Posted by @Brendan_Jeffers
I'm happy to be back on #Degrassi, but I've gotta say @TheAnaGolja and @swaisglass stole the show. Great performances!
Originally Posted by kaleidocat (View Post)
Anyone think that Frankie could have an eating disorder plot in her future? I hope it carries on longer than Emma's if there is one.
Well for a while I had thoughts that she would be the next character getting a pregnancy story line, and that could still happen. But, with it becoming more apparent that she's headed to the spot light and that we're likely heading towards a Zoe/Frankie/Maya led show as this current group of 12th graders finally leave, I'm beginning to re-think that as those pregnancy/baby story lines don't tend to go to the featured leads. They tend to go to the second tier characters, ala Liberty and Jenna. It would be perhaps too cynical to suggest that's because they don't want to tie down their lead girls with a baby, but I do remember how quickly Mia ditched her baby on to her mother when Nina got pushed out in front.

Anyway, an eating disorder does make some sense as we've seen that she has some body image issues. If they do go that route I do have some confidence that they'll give this story line some time as I think they've done a better job of that in recent years with major story lines. That's probably a byproduct of these seasons having so many episodes.
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