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Well it is a crying shame for sure that the Ev board is at it's end! I would blame myself for leaving as mod but that was also inevitable and, like my friend and fellow mod Steve has said, the band just doesn't put out as much music as other bands do and when the tours are over they just seem to Disappear. Really sad to think that this is Going Under but, you know, the turnout just wasn't Good Enough to sustain it. Last thing I will say here is that it is very rare that fellow mods get to meet each other, especially when you have to reach across Oceans, but this board actually initiated that rare meeting between myself and Steve and, yes Steve we will stay connected and do it again very soon, and yes, I would like to see the proposed new heading we would have gotten. So thanks to everyone who tried to keep us going: Liv, Hanci, Mary, Steve and the pioneers we started our journey with - Shades(serenity), Nellie(LostLullaby), Jack, Mariel and so many was fun while it lasted but now, MY Heart Is Broken. It's the End of the Dream - Hope to post with you all on other boards...Larry(AncientGoth)
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