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Here you go guys!

I am absolutely 100% shattered.. Ill re read this tomorrow and make any needed alterations.. I know you are all dying for this! so here it is.

Sorry for any mix up in scenes or anything i didn't pick up on.. this is harder then I thought, This is all from memory.


Leonard, Penny, Raj, Amy, Stuart - all set in 4A
Howard, Sheldon, Mary Cooper - Set in Texas

Scene 1 - Leonard and Sheldon's apartment

The gang are sat in the living room, Raj in Sheldon's spot. Its pointed out to Raj that he couldn't be sat there, Sheldon would know.
Leonard: "Sheldon would know" and makes a comment about how his butt knowing, and counting change.

The conversation shifts onto Howard and Sheldon's trip. Bernie mentioned how Sheldon was behaved so well, Howard had even bought him a bobbing head astronuat figure and ice cream.

Stuart enters the apartment and head straight for the food in the kitchen, He soon collapses not he floor. The gang run over time him all concerned, Raj declares him dead and starts to go into character for a murder mystery dinner party. The gang are not happy about this. Amy even declares she is leaving (she doesn't don't worry)

Raj dishes out character cards to everyone. They find out that Raj has set the characters as themselves

Scene 2 Sheldon and Howard in a rental(To be honest, I was far to busy trying to calm myself down to remember lines from this scene, Jim Parson had walked on stage and I kind of had a mini panic attack!, Ill give you the jist of it)

Sheldon and Howard were discussing the tour while Sheldon was playing with his new bobbling head astronaut doll. Howard asked Sheldon if he had a gift for his mother.
Sheldon responded with something like, "Yes, Me and my mind"
Howard points out that maybe thats not the best gift to give.

Howard asks Sheldon if he wanted to tell Mary they were coming, Sheldon however didn't want to as he planned to surprise her.

Scene 3 - Leonards and Sheldon's apartment

The murder mystery game continues. The gang start hunting for clues around the apartment, Amy finds a playing piece of another game sheldon invented called "Snakes and Lawyers". Bernie finds a receipt on Stuart (who is still laying on the floor) for coffee which is dates 20 years in the future.

Amy questions Raj why he is doing this. Raj says he was 200lb's as a child, had no friends, and invented games like this in the hope he could play it with someone one day. Leonard points out that he has seen photos of Raj as a chile and he wasn't fat. Raj then admits with a smile he was sleek as a gazel.

Scene 4 - Outside Mary Coopers house.

Sheldon and Howard are standing outside. Howard with a load of gifts he bought for Mary. Sheldon still thinks he is a good enough gift. Sheldon goes around to peek in the window.

After peeking he poses quickly back to the car and demands to leave. Howard asks him whats wrong and Sheldon is hesitant to tell him. Sheldon then reveals He Saw "His Mom have coitus with a naked man". With that they leave.

Scene 5 - Sheldon and Howard at a bar

Sheldon and Howard are both sitting at a bar with a bottle of beer (yes, sheldon has beer to). Howard asks sheldon if he wants to talk about what he saw.

Sheldon: "Im not near drunk enough"

Sheldon takes one sip of beer and then declares he's drunk enough to talk about it. Sheldon expresses at how disaponted he is at his mother and how he has to tell her this. He was first going to call but Howard stopped him, and suggested he should go and talk to his mother in person.

Scene 6 - Leonard and Sheldon's apartment.

The murder mystery continues with Raj simulating time travel (A jump of 20 years) by playing some spooky music and using a strobe light.. The gang are all squished up on the sofa all looking very puzzled. They start to talk about futures. Amy mentions about some silly rules of the relationship agreement.. Something about taking down the human race hard.. I can't remember 100%.

They start to read out descriptions of there future characters. Leonard also point out to Raj that he is ripping off the terminator.

Amy: "You win a nobel prize, then use the money to buy Stuarts comic book store. Then close it so sheldon will pay more attention to me" She looks up at Raj, "Thats not a bad Idea"

Penny's is about being an actress living in London, While Leonard's is about being a big time scientist in the US somewhere. Bernie points out that its sweet they ware working it long distance.

Raj: "Oh no, They started to drift apart from each other, Just like I will from you guys when I marry Beyonce" (this line was later changed to something about wrinkly madonna..)

This fires up a debate between Leonard and Penny about what they would do if one of them were to make it big time, or both even who would follow who.

Scene 7 - Mary Coopers lounge

Sheldon knocks on the door in his normal OCD way. "knock knock knock, Mother"

Mary opens the door surprised and happy to see Sheldon. She hugs him on entering. He spares no time in mentioning what he saw. Mary is very apologetic for him seeing this..

Mary: "Maybe you should sit down and we should talk about this"

Sheldon: "Well that depends if you have had coitus in it or not"

Mary: "Maybe we should sit at the table"

They both sit at the table, Sheldon is quite insulting towards Mary while she is trying to explain herself. So much so that he is sent to his room. Sheldon protests this point out he has the moral high ground, he is a scientist and a grown man. Mary shouts louder at him and he leaves for his room. getting another "I'm a grown man" in as he leaves the room.

Scene 8 Leonard and Sheldon's apartment.

The gang are still continuing the game and talking about the future. I can't quite remember what at this point. Stuart points hour to Leonard and Penny that they are the most solid couple he knows of. Much to Amy and Berinies protest.

Stuart mentions how Leonard and Penny always find a way to fix things, How Penny has bought Leonard out of his shell and Leonard has help penny see the bigger picture career wise. And how together they make a great 1 person. they complete each other. The gang have a pretty aww moment here Penny accidently reveals she is the murderer. Much to the groups (apart from Raj's) approval.

Scene 9 Sheldon's Texas Bedroom

Sheldon is playing with Lego in his room when Howard enters. Sheldon is clearly upset about whats happened and Howard tried to talk to him. Howard mentions how he went through the same thing with his Mum a few years after his dad left. Howard explained his mum was lonely and quite happy with another man, however he drove him away and his mother back into loneliness. He also points out to Sheldon this his Dad has been gone a long time.. he should maybe consider letting his mother move on.

Sheldon apologises to Howard for his experience, and makes an inapropiate comment in true Sheldon style.

Sheldon: "I love my mother"

Sheldon decided to go and talk to Mary.

Scene 10 Marys Coopers lounge

Sheldon walks into the room slowly and over to Mary who is sitting on the couch. He is hesitant to sit down at first. When he does he gets into conversation with Mary and gives his blessing to her.

Sheldon also states he is having trouble with this considering the Christian lifestyle Mary lives by and raised Sheldon by. Mary admits that "Shelly, I'm not perfect, But that mans butt is".
Sheldon goes on to warm Mary that these days are not as her youth days and points out some pretty old examples. Mary Questions sheldon to how old he thinks she is. Sheldon then suggests The use of Latex and for her to make sure she is having safe sex. Like me, Mary found this shocking and hilerous.

Scene 11 (TAG SCENE) Leonard and Sheldon's apartment

The gang are winding down after the game.. Raj is sulking because Penny ruined the game earlier then expected. They get onto the idea of what will happen 20 years form now and they hope they are all still friends hanging out. Leonard suggests that whatever they are doing in 20 years time, they should agree to meet outside the apartment building, this time in 20 years and have dinner.

They all agree and put it straight on their phones, Apart from stuart who has a flip phone and writes it down on his hand.

The scene ends with a "20 years later" Tag. Stuart is standing outside the apartment complex 20 years later, looking a lot older waiting for anyone to turn up. They never do. Scene ends.


Thank you to all who made this night possible for me! Dream come true
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