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Yay, I'm happy to see another one who loves them! I thought there had to be a thread for them, because they deserve so much love!

I added you!

Yep, I fully agree! They really took care of him, gave him everything he needed and more, and he found his future wife. And they always made sure he felt loved. Amazing examples are in GoF, which I'm currently rereading. I especially love this:

1. Mr. Weasley forcing Uncle Vernon to say bye to Harry.
2. Mrs. Weasley talking so gently to Harry all the time.

I think it was at tumblr where someone said that Molly seems to talk to Harry in a softer way because she knows he's an abused child and might take every yelling personal. The person said that might be why she kept on saying 'I'm not mad at you, Harry' in CoS after the twins and Ron brought him to the Burrow, making sure he knew she wasn't mad at him. I love the person's POV, because it fits to Molly.
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