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It's almost like Daphne/Emmett, but in reverse. Because he was always in the friendzone, even though he had feelings for her that she never saw ... she saw him only as her best friend. Yet he never said anything, but let her confide in him. Then when she kissed him, that changed their dynamic because she never confides in him, and he doesn't confide in her much either. Seriously, do these two even speak to each other anymore? They're still great friends and went back to that, but we all know Daphne's penchant for chasing the forbidden guy. Even Daphne/Travis had that great friendship element, where Travis had feelings for Daphne and never said anything. She kissed him and that great friendship went down the tubes for a relationship she bailed on.

If Tank does say he's got feelings for her, and Bay says, "I think of you as a friend," than that's okay too. I really like Tank/Bay and don't want a kiss to ruin it if Bay's not into him. Better off keeping it as a great friendship, like Haley/Lucas.
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