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Originally Posted by EyesOnFire (View Post)
He brings a lot of... happiness and charisma to SAB.
I agree. Max Adler does bring happiness and charisma to SAB.

Bay needed a friend like him. I was worried that the writers might try to have Emmett fill that role, and it just wouldn't work for me. Emmett cannot listen to Bay objectively, the way that Tank can. Emmett cannot give Bay the perspective that Tank is able to give her. It's really much better that Bay has a friend like Tank.

Mary Beth is a great friend for Bay, too, of course, but I feel like Bay can be more real around Tank. There's something missing from Bay and Mary Beth's friendship. It's not just the secret between them. I am not sure what it is. Perhaps they are in some ways competitive? I'm just throwing that out there. I really don't know what it is, but it just feels as though something is missing. It's almost as though Mary Beth is jealous of Bay, or maybe Bay is jealous of Mary Beth. I don't know.

But I like Bay and Tank's friendship a little bit better. It is so nice to see Bay comfortable enough to be herself.
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