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"The Locomotive Manipulation"

Directed by: Mark Cendrowski
Story by: Jim Reynolds, Steve Holland & Tara Hernandez
Teleplay by: Steven Molaro, Eric Kaplan & Maria Ferrari

As I warned in the spoiler thread, this won't be a full report since I came to the studio without my usual note pad thinking that Roxanne was gonna be there and later do the report.

It probably happened at a perfect time anyway because after one of the sweet ladies at Audiences Unlimited pulled me aside as I was leaving to speak to me about something, I'd be too paranoid to write another report again anyway. More on that later..


The first scene features Sheldon and Amy sitting on the couch going over their annual or bi-annual relationship review report or whatever the hell it's called. One of the things that Amy isn't happy about is the pet names Sheldon has for her. One of them being, "flaky"...The other I forgot. The scene ends with Amy proposing that for Valentines Day, she and Sheldon spend a weekend at a bed and breakfast up in Napa Valley. Sheldon isn't interested until she mentions that they will be having Valentines Day dinner aboard a vintage train on the way. Sheldon was worried about eating with strangers but Amy had that covered. Howardette was coming along. Sheldon was also worried about sleeping arrangements ("we've only been together for 3 years, how would that look if we shared a room?"). Amy had that covered and got him his own room.

The next scene is all 7 of them at the apartment. They are talking about Valentines Day plans. Penny says that she and Leonard will have their nice quiet time at home. Leonard jokes and says, ".. and besides, we don't want to take Penny to the place where wine comes from. " She gives him the death glare. Leonard says, "it's s joke...we always rip on each other, me with my dorky glasses and you with your...problem. " Penny says (on the last take), "if I didn't have a buzz goin' that would piss me off."

Sheldon: Howard, what kind of pocket watch will you be wearing for dinner? I don't want to be embarrassed if we end up wearing the same one.
Howard: I don't have one.
Sheldon then apologies to Howard for bringing it up at if Hiward was saddened by not owning a pocket watch.

Raj asks Lenny to take care of Cinnamon while he goes and spends some time in the big telescope. They agree to watch her.

Raj: Oh, if you guys have sex, feel free to leave her in the room with you so she can watch and at least once of us will be getting some action.
Penny: yeah like with you two with Amy in the room *she points to Raj and Howard*.

Amy smiles at them and lifts up her wine glass as if to say she would be game for that. Then she looks over at Sheldon who has his, "WTF?" look on his face. Haha.

The rest of the scenes are split between the train and Lenny at the apartment, then the veterinarian.

Penny enters the apartment with Leonards gift of flowers and chocolate... which he jokes that she is trying to get him out of his panties. He gives Penny Lakers tickets and tells her to take anyone but him. They kiss on the couch. They decide against "doing it" in Sheldon's spot and take it to the bedroom.

When they come out later, they notice that Cinnamon has eaten Leonards chocolate. Penny suggests they immediately take her to the vet as chocolate is very bad for dogs.

Shamy and Howardette are on the train. Sheldon is in awe of course. Almost immediately after the are seated at their table, Sheldon meets a guy on the train sitting behind him who is a train fanatic just like he is. As you would guess, Sheldon starts paying more attention to the guy than to his own girlfriend. At one point, Bernie got up and demanded that Sheldon come back and join them for dinner. He agreed but brought his new friend along too.

Raj arrives at the vet to meet up with Lenny to yell at them for theircarelessness. The veterinarian, Yvette, is very beautiful btw. Long story short, Cinnamon was okay and Raj ended up with Yvette's number that he didn't notice she wrote down for him until he got home.

Back on the train, Amy makes everyone, including Sheldon's new friend, leave so that she could talk to him about how inappropriate he's behaving. Sheldon fights back with he felt Amy manipulated him and although the trip was supposed to be something they both enjoyed, it was more about her.

Amy admits that yes, she wanted romance.

Sheldon: you want romance? I'll give you romance! Let's drink wine! *picks up a wine glass on the table and drinks* Yummmm, grape juice that burns my throat! Let's gaze into each others eyes! *sarcastically puts his face inches away from hers and stares for 3 seconds* you blinked, I win!...maybe we should kiss!!! He moves forward and plants one on her. What started off as him being sarcastic ended up being a kiss he couldn't pull himself away from. When he finally pulled back, Amy said with a smile, "that was nice. "
I forgot if Sheldon said, "yeah" or not but after that, he's calm and asks her to join him to go see the train conductor's area or something like that. She agrees and follows him and then Sheldon's new friend trails behind them, "hey guys! Wait up! " LOL.

There are two tags scenes. One with Shamy and the guy and one with Raj realizing he had the girls number and finding an excuse to call her.

That was a very long short summary but there it is. Please messsge me any questions you have if you want to make sure I see it.

The end.
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