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^ They're so cute


My snow bunny @NickyWhelan taking in my home town Buffalo NY. #HappyThanksgiving

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Yes I saw this on Twitter...already spending Thanksgiving with her in-laws , wow

They're cute but I feel like they don't have a lot of supporters ? cause this thread doesn't say a lot about them... I love Nicky she seems really nice and outgoing. But I don't know anything about their love-story...i mean, how did these two fell in love ? when? Its all really blurry...and it's a shame because they are really cute.
Hi RitaD, welcome to the Chad Board!

Actually I think they have a lot of supporters. But you’re right we don't know much about their love-story, yet...
Well, he seems really happy and she does too. I really hope this relationship will last! I wish them the best!
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