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A bit of a write up on Molaro's interview found in TV Guide's Comic Con 2013 Issue:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover that CBS’s The Big Bang Theory is the hottest show in the galaxy, finishing its sixth season as TV’s No. 1 comedy. Executive producer Steve Molaro gives a sneak peak at the trials and tribulations awaiting our favorite bank of misfits when Season 7 starts up this fall.

How will the group cope with Leonard’s extended absence?

When season 6 concluded on May 16, Leonard was preparing to embark on a four-month-long scientific expedition on a boat in the North Sea. But how long that voyage takes to complete remains to be seen. “It sure would be fun to see him out on the high seas,” Molaro teases. But the effects of Leonard’s departure will be most apparent in the relationship between his girlfriend, Penny, and his roommate, Sheldon. “They both care about Leonard and miss him very much,” Molaro says. “With the key figure in both their lives gone for a few months, it could have an impact on their friendship.”

Now that he can talk to women without the aid of alcohol, will Raj become a ladies’ man?

After a devastating breakup with Lucy, a sober Raj was shockingly able to open up to Penny about his feelings. “Just because he’s able to speak to women now doesn’t necessarily mean he’s very good at it,” Molaro warns. “He does not have a lot of practice talking to women sober, so that’s going to take some time.” Molaro hints Lucy might not be completely out of the picture just yet, but Raj could be looking for a quick rebound. “He’s a lonely character, so I have a feeling he will continue to pursue (a relationship) strongly now that he seems to be able to communicate with women a little more easily.”

Will Sheldon & Amy ever get physical?

“As Sheldon said himself, he hasn’t ruled it out,” Molaro says with a laugh. The socially awkward couple took a big step forward by discussing their intimacy issues through a racy game of Dungeons & Dragons, but there is still a lot work to be done in their relationship. “While it’s not at the level of where she wants it, he is out of his comfort zone and is continuing to push himself for her,” Molaro says. “He’s managing his world and finding his way through like everybody is, so when the time is right, maybe something can happen.”

Is a baby in Howard & Bernadette’s future?

After babysitting Raj’s dog, Cinnamon, Bernadette confided in her husband that she might want to start a family someday. But Molaro insists there isn’t “any rush for babies. There was a bit of movement from Bernadette because in the past she made it very clear she did not like kids at all, so at least she’s starting to soften on the idea. But there are no immediate plans for babies, I promise.”

Will Dungeons & Dragons make a return appearance?

The gang’s second outing with the classic role-playing game was highlighted by dungeon master Howard’s spot-on impressions of such celebrities as Al Pacino and Nicholas Cage. “If we come up with a creative way of doing it, where it’s worthwhile and we can bring it back to that level, then I would love to do more of it,” says Molaro, who reveals that his past season’s D&D episode was inspired by a Vegas-style game played in the writers’ room, complete with cocktails and excited screams. “It’s been really fun, and we have yet to see Sheldon be the dungeon master!”

What else can we expect in Season 7?

Coming off a year of emotion-driven storylines, Molaro promises that science will make a big comeback next season. “It’s been a give-and-take between relationships, science, and geekery,” he says. “A lot of exciting things are going on the scientific community—lots of brain research that we keep reading about—so I think more science is to come.”
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