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Name: Kayla
Age: 19
Birthday (would you like to be added to the list?): Feb. 9th
Location: Canada (I live in the west, but sadly not on the coast [yet]).
Why do you love the show?: It's a fascinating concept, and the characters are very diverse.
Fav character?: Female- Bay. Male- Toby (HM for Kathryn, Ty, and Angelo)
Fav couple?: No OTPs as of yet, but I really enjoy Bay/Ty, and Bay/Emmett. I'm really starting to ship Daphne/Singleness
Other boards you post on: Just this one currently, but I will probably be in Skins and maybe Big Brother later on.
Anything else: I'm a total night owl. I've also been lurking here for awhile now, and finally got around to signing up.
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